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Webinar: Barriers to and Progress Towards More Interoperable Building Systems


Achieving the energy efficiency potential of advanced building systems has long required the use of controls. However, controls require data, as do other software applications that enable, for example, space utilization analytics or grid-responsiveness. The configuration of such applications - that is, the matching of data sources to software needs, has long been time and […]

Webinar: Efficient Large Boiler Systems


On May 30th, 2-3pm EST (11-12 PST), the Space Conditioning team and guest speakers will present detailed examples of efficient large boiler systems in the field. We will talk about system components, performance, challenges, and successes. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, and we invite you to join the discussion. Register here!

Efficiency Exchange (EFX)

Coeur d'Alene Resort Coeur d'Alene

EFX is the premier networking and learning conference for energy efficiency professionals from across the Northwest brought to you by the Bonneville Power Administration, NEEA and the Northwest Power and Conservation Council. Regional and national attendees from public and private utilities, consulting and research firms, and government and non-profit organizations come together to learn and […]