Meng Analysis

MENG Analysis provides Quality & Cost Performance Services for the Built Environment including Performance Engineering (PE) and Commissioning (Cx). MENG Analysis’ PE service provides Building Tune-Up (BTU) compliance plands, exemption and alternate compliance path approaches, and grant support. MENG Analysis’ Cx service includes all five BTU Tune-up process steps: (1) identification, (2) Assessment, (3) Corrective Action (assisted, self-performed or subcontracted as needed), (4) Verification, and (5) Tune-up report. Cx service also includes all three BTU Tune-up actions: 1) Building Information & Utility Data collection and review, 2) Operating Protocol, Calibration & Sequencing checks for HVAC, Lighting, Domestic Hot Water, and Water Usage elements, and 3) Maintenance, Cleaning, & Repair for HVAC, Lighting, Water Usage, and Envelope Elements. MENG Analysis offers BTU Tune-up services for public and private facilities and MEP systems of all sizes and types. MENG Analysis team includes WA State licensed Profrssional Engineer (P.E.), BCA Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) and support staff.

Key Contact

Sarah Partap



2001 Western Ave. Ste. 200
Seattle, WA 98121

Services Offered

  • Building Tune-Ups Services

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