Keithly Barber Associates

KBA is a commissioning specialist firm with in-house mechanical, electrical and automation systems capabilities. Our portfolio includes 450+ projects ranging in size from a few thousand to over a million square-feet. Our technical staff have an average of 25 years of hands-on experience designing, installing, operating, troubleshooting and commissioning many different building and process system types. We have been following Seattle’s new Tune-Up Ordinance since its inception. Our approved Building Tune-Up Specialists satisfy the OSE Director’s Rule and can perform your tune-up independently as an Accelerator Program Provider. Contact us directly today to discuss solutions for your Building Tune-Up.

Key Contacts

Kent Barber, CCP, P.E., LEED AP

Tune Up Specialist

Patrick Berdick

Tune Up Specialist



565 Andover Park West, Ste. 101
Seattle, WA 98188

Business Types

  • Consulting
  • Engineering

Services Offered

  • Building Tune-Ups Services

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