Dynamic Sustainability Partners

Dynamic Sustainability Partners is a local, woman-owned business that assists businesses in implementing programs and projects, which will help to achieve their Triple Bottom Line, people, profit, and the planet.

Providing clients with:

•       Interdisciplinary communications and documentation services

•       Energy benchmarking and reporting for buildings

•       Green Certification Coordination

•       Client engagement and networking

Dynamic Sustainability Partners provides sustainable solutions for clients. These services includes technical documentation, energy benchmarking, completing green business certifications, education and outreach, and making connections to sustainable service providers.

Energy Benchmarking buildings – more than 100 buildings benchmarked since 2010 including schools, hotels, office buildings, banks, warehouses, senior centers, and theaters.

Gayle Hoffman has 20+ years of professional experience in working with government agencies, businesses, contractors, schools, non-profits, and public utilities. Gayle has successfully initiated and executed the development of environmental and resource-related projects and programs.

Key Contact

Gayle Hoffman



1520 Eastlake Ave E #520
Seattle WA 98102

Building Types Served

  • Commercial
  • Residential

Business Types

  • Consulting

Services Offered

  • Energy benchmarking
  • Portland Energy Benchmarking
  • Seattle Energy Benchmarking

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