Blue Ocean Energy LLC

Blue Ocean Energy develops and implements energy management strategies. We are believers in benchmarking and feel this can be the first step in implementing an energy management strategy. We are experts utilizing EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager and understand how to profile properties correctly. Blue Ocean is able to communicate with tenants and obtain the necessary information for compliance. We retain details in our database making annual compliance easy. Blue Ocean provides appropriate documentation needed upon property sale or as requested. Blue Ocean offers many types of energy audits ranging from compliance to comprehensive services with real-time monitoring.


Key Contact

Alison Petersen

(844) 735-4634


2313 Lake Austin Blvd., Suite 108
Austin, TX 78703

Building Types Served

  • Commercial
  • Residential

Business Types

  • Consulting

Services Offered

  • Measurement and verification
  • Portland Energy Benchmarking
  • Seattle Energy Benchmarking

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