Legend Power® Systems Inc.

Founded in 2001, Legend Power® Systems Inc. is a global leader in voltage management technology. We help buildings use less energy by eliminating overvoltage; an inherent challenge associated with power grids around the world. Legend’s industry-proven SmartGATE™ enables dynamic power-management of an entire building. The proprietary and patented system reduces total energy consumption and power costs, while also maximizing the life of electrical equipment.

A simple analogy to help understand SmartGATE is: If the electrical room is the “heart” of a building, then the SmartGATE is its “brain.” More than just a product, Legend’s unique solution is an intelligent real-time energy efficiency platform that enables organizations to quickly and easily do what’s right for the environment, and their bottom-line!

Key Contact

Bob Sobczak

(332) 236-9840


Corporate Office


1480 Frances Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5L 1Y9

New York Office


600 3rd Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY, USA, 10016

Building Types Served

  • Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential

Business Types

  • Engineering
  • Product sales

Services Offered

  • Commercial/industrial HVAC products/services
  • Commercial/industrial lighting products/services
  • Industrial energy management products/services
  • Residential energy products

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