Energy Hippo

Energy Hippo is a leading provider of energy management software. Our clients have been using our software since 1999 to rebill tenants and allocate utility costs, track energy and water data, calculate Greenhouse Gas inventories, benchmark buildings, interface with ENERGY STAR, measure energy savings, streamline utility bill processing, create budgets and forecasts, and much more.

Our approach is to engage directly with our customers and design solutions that save money, energy and water, and time. We understand that every customer is different and will customize our software to integrate with disparate data collection devices, processes, financial software. Our software platform is secure and stable and adaptable to different needs and changing situations.



Key Contact

Nitin Manchanda


Seattle, WA

Alameda, CA

Building Types Served

  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Business Types

  • Consulting

Services Offered

  • Education/information
  • Energy planning/consulting
  • Industrial energy management products/services

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